The training program for a set of muscle mass.

The training program for a set of muscle mass is very simple and does not require a high fitness sport man. One need only general fitness. Bodybuilding as psychology-in its essence is very simple, though it did not immediately noticeable, but if you deal with all its subtleties, everything becomes transparent enough. Of course, all these subtleties in this article we will not discuss, but how to gain muscle mass and what training program for this use, consider the following.

The theory of muscle recruitment

So, as mentioned in previous articles on similar topics, in order to gain weight, to be used mostly basic exercises. They are excellent for this purpose. However, the mindless execution of these exercises, you are unlikely to lead to a large amount of muscle. As noted by Joe Weider-renowned trainer and founder of the International Federation of Bodybuilding, muscles react to stress in different ways, depending on the weight of the weights and the number of reps. Thus, if your goal is to gain muscle mass, you should be based first and foremost of these rules.

The training program for a set of muscle mass involves exercises with weights that you can lift 6-9 times. This approach to training will lead to an increase in muscle strength and make the maximum emphasis on the growth of the mass they are even.

Although also a good option for a set of masses will perform 8-12 reps, but it is for someone like, so we must try and repeat 6-9 and 8-12 to determine what your muscles respond better.

If you perform fewer repetitions, the focus will be, to a greater extent, an increase in power rates, rather than the volume of muscles, if the number of repetitions will be more than 12, the focus will move with muscle growth on the development of muscle endurance. Therefore, during the training on the weight, it is important to be in the range of 6-9 times (8-12), no more and no less.

The exercises should be performed to failure, that is, if you, for example, perform the 9th repeat any exercises, and 10th already can not perform, then it will be the phenomenon of refusal. If the muscles to failure not to bring, the mass recruitment process will be much less effective, and, for some, are not genetically adapted to the sport of people, and not to be.

The number of approaches in this training program will vary depending on the readiness of the athlete. If you are a beginner and your "experience" of regular exercise not more than 2 months, it should be carried out not more than 1-2 approaches on separate muscle groups. If you are no longer a novice, the optimal number of approaches will be 2-4. read more

I would also like to note that you have to work mainly in the "negative" phase, that is to spend time dropping a projectile larger than its rise. For example, if you do lifting barbell biceps, then the motion of the projectile up should take no more than 1 second, and his descent should last for at least 3 seconds. This is due to the fact that the muscle in the "negative" phase, and in other words lowering phase gets greater number of microcracks that affect its growth.