Most Common Errors of Steroids Therapy

The Ten Most Common Errors Made with Anabolic Steroids and Performance Enhancement Drugs: Any bodybuilder who is considering the use of steroids should make certain to obtain as much information as possible. It is crucial to avoid the most dangerous brands of steroids and equally important to be familiar with the safe steroid brands that cut, define, and tone and those better used to increase muscle mass. One should also learn how to properly dose anabolics and the various advantages and disadvantages of oral steroids versus injectable steroids. Finally, it is important to understand how to stack and cycle multiple anabolics for short time periods in order to reduce dangerous side effects and to promote permanent gains in lean muscle tissue. Of the many mistakes athletes often make with anabolic steroids, W. N. Philips cites the following as the ten most common.

1. EXCESSIVE DOSAGES: When it comes to steroids, using exceedingly high dosages has become a major problem amongst users. Not only is this dangerous, but steroids in high dosages have been proven to be ineffective. Mega dosages put undue stress on the liver and kidneys that can lead to damage or even disease of those organs. Aromatizing effects, or the conversion of steroids to estrogen, and the suppression of the body's own testosterone production are also greatest when high dosages are used. The body can only use a certain amount of a synthetic steroid. It will not recognize any excessive dosage, and will most often convert it to estrogen. Once a steroid receptor site, i.e., a skeletal muscle or secondary sexual characteristic receptor such as facial hair is "full," any corresponding increase in the dose of the steroid will have no further positive benefit. This amount where the receptor site is fully activated occurs at a surprisingly low dosage. Reports that many successful bodybuilders, strength athletes, and top-models had to take up to 50 tabs of D-Bol a day, and 2000 mg of Testosterone a week to develop their superior physique are blatantly untrue (6).

Based on the above observations, the key points for dosing a fixed amount of steroid at regular intervals can be summarized as follows:

if you dose at intervals equal to the steroid’s half–life, you will reach steady–state in approximately five half–lives. Multiplying the half–life by 0.714 will give you the number of weeks to reach steady–state. For example, for t 1/2 = 8 days, steady–state is reached within 5.7 weeks (8 * 0.714). Similarly, for t 1/2 = 6 days, steady–state is reached within 4.3 weeks (6 * 0.714);

if you dose at intervals equal to the steroid’s half–life, the concentration will fluctuate within a 2–fold window;

the amount of steroid in the body shortly after each dose is equivalent to twice the maintenance dose when dosing at intervals equal to t 1/2 ;

the longer the half–life, the longer it takes to reach steady–state.

Loading doses:

For steroids with a relatively short half–life, you can reach a steady–state within a reasonable time frame using a fixed dosing strategy.

However, as we saw with the example above, as the steroid’s t 1/2 becomes longer, the induction period to reach steady–state becomes unacceptably long (eg. approximately 6 weeks when t 1/2 = 8 days). We can reduce the induction period while still adopting a fixed dosing strategy by the use of a loading dose. A loading dose is one dose or a series of doses given at the onset of a cycle with the aim of achieving the target concentration rapidly. Let’s look again at the example with t 1/2 = 8 days.

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