After Injury The Body Becomes Stronger

It was a very difficult period. I worked five years in order to increase the circumference of their hips from twenty-three to twenty-eight inches, but two months after the incident my hips again fell to twenty-three inches! It seemed to me that five years of hard work more info and sacrifice go to waste.

Fortunately, I found experts, Dr. Vincent Carter, who helped me. He said, "don't you know that after an injury the body becomes stronger than before? When a broken bone heals, it is stronger than before the fracture? Soon you'll be as good as new!" His optimism that immediately gave me hope. I had surgery, but when the plaster was removed, the circumference of my thigh still amounted to twenty-three inches.

Now I needed not only to recover from injury, but also to cope with psychological problems. I found a physiotherapist Dave Berg, who designed for me a serious exercise program and was able to get rid of self-pity. After three weeks I increased the hip circumference by 1.5 inches, and soon began to perform squats click here. When I visited Dr. Carter, he asked what weight I work, and very surprised to hear the figure of 135 pounds. "Why? "he asked. - What happened to you? Your knee has healed, the injury is no more. You told me that before performed squats with a barbell weighing 400 pounds: it is time to return to this exercise."

My injury and surgery took place in November 1971 and in March 1973 I was fully recovered and was again ready for a serious workout. Remained seven months before the contest Mr. Olympia, so I decided to forget about the sores and to train in full force. As a result, I was able to add to his collection another title. However, if I lost hope, did not seek help from a qualified physician and overcame the frustration that comes after any serious injury, my career could have ended in 1971.