Scheduling Training

Young, aspiring athletes often complain that not able all their time and energy to devote to training only info, and therefore the results grow slowly. They believe that the Champions can become only those athletes who have no regular work or other duties. But this is incorrect.

I made a lot of progress at the initial stage of his training when he served in the Austrian army and had a lot of stuff. When we are in a period of six weeks participated in the maneuvers along Czechoslovakian border, I had to drive a tank for fifteen hours a day, to pump the fuel using hand pump, to "fight" with huge barrels of fuel and do repairs. We slept in trenches or under the tanks and had to get up at six o'clock in the morning. However, my friend and I got up at five, climbed into the tank compartment for instruments, which kept their rods, and to a General rise trained for an hour. After the end of the day part of the exercise we practiced for another hour. I can't imagine more difficult conditions for training, and therefore affirm that finding the time and energy to practice is a question of motivation and interest. Always a natural athlete, in any situation you will find the time and place for training. There are other circumstances that can not be ignored. For example, the attitude of others, friends, family and loved ones to your lessons and the tasks set. The negative attitude of others to make difficult. More efforts are needed to maintain confidence when close people do not approve of your chosen goal.

People who care about you, can wish you well, but to do it my way. Surely I'm not the only athlete, whose girlfriend, to put it mildly, was not thrilled with the fact that I got up at five o'clock in the morning to go to the gym. And friends who genuinely want you to go with her, not realize that you need to plan your time, to be able to practice website. As a result, you will be called selfish and introverted person myself. And to do this will be those people who do not understand that they themselves are selfish because they do not want to understand how important it is for athletes training and how many forces they are.