The Method Of Training To Achieve Results

What we used to see on screens, in magazines and at competitions, as a rule, is an illustration of the highest achievements. This is the most effective way to attract attention to the sport. So is created, as psychologists say, a role model, which try to emulate. It is the desire to imitate leads in gyms a lot of people, of which only a few have genetic inclinations to go out at the same high level of professional skill. The phenomenon is ambiguous: on the one hand, it is better to engage in power sports than not to do anything; on the other - it is dangerous to get carried away by copying the lifestyle of Champions. Many fans are starting to imitate the elites, starting with the systems and methods of their training and ending with the recovery tools and fenoderee. However, it is clear that even at the highest financial capabilities of a normal fan just not able to keep our schedule of a professional, for whom this way of life is work.

In today's rapidly growing volumes of information for anybody not a secret that in high performance sport an extremely fine line between support and pharmacological doping. Often we become witnesses of how a drug turns into a dope one stroke of the pen of the sports functionary. But the saddest thing is that such a policy does not lead to the elimination of threat to health means to improve athletic performance. On the contrary, appear all new and new means of masking and increasingly dangerous stimulants that are not yet detected by modern doping control or not officially more info included in the lists of doping. Thus, for the desire of the sports bureaucracy to completely control the behavior of athletes and to distribute the titles and prizes the athletes fully pay with their health. Money in the sphere of sport industry, to date so great, that in order to achieve good result, the athletes stop at nothing, giving their health and even lives.

Do not think that we have painted the picture describes the state of things abroad. Moreover, it seems to us that the situation there is less intense as the level of welfare of the average Russian is much below the level of his colleagues, say, from the United States. We are firmly convinced that bodybuilding and fitness - classes for representatives of well-fed, peaceful and stable society. The sad fact is that in our mass power sports, competent training methods and adequate power from-for shortages of means are replaced by uncontrolled misuse of various pharmaceutical preparations click here, the use of which sometimes has no physiological basis. Other narrow-minded fans "swing" one has only to hear vaguely about a new "miracle" tool, as they immediately try to apply it, having absolutely no idea what the drug is, what is its action and what conditions are needed for its purpose. Sometimes people take these medicines, the effect of which is completely contrary to the goals and objectives standing at the heart of their training program. It is clear that, in addition to damage, this tactic to anything may not lead.

Modern scientifically grounded methods of training strength sport involves a combination of all the factors needed to achieve results, individually, are absolutely insufficient. This refers to the optimal combination of training, diet and recovery and their adaptation to the lifestyle of a particular person. This is the only guarantee of achieving the desired result and a implementation of a systematic approach to strength training. A substantial part of this new work and will be devoted to the reflection of our ideas in the field of strength training.